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Minimiser bras are designed to compress and shape the breasts so that they appear smaller than they actually are.

They are worn most commonly by women with bigger breasts who want to appear smaller in the chest department.

When measuring yourself for a minimiser bra, opt for your normal size - do not be tempted to try to squeeze into the size below.

Drop a cup size with the Cool Sensation Minimiser
Wired Bra from Triumph

14th February 2013
There are now plenty of bras on the market that help you boost your boob size, but sometimes it's nice to go down a cup size. That's exactly what you can do with the Cool Sensation Minimiser Wired Bra from Triumph. Designed to be invisible under clothing and to visibly reduce your bust by one cup size, this minimising bra has moulded cups, Triumph's patented comfort wire, and seamless straps for a smooth, secure and comfortable finish. more

The Triumph Comfort Minimiser Bra - the ideal t-shirt bra for bigger boobs
3rd March 2012
For every woman who wishes her boobs were a little bigger, there's another woman who wishes her boobs were a little smaller. If you fall into the latter group help is at hand with the Comfort Minimiser Bra from Triumph
. more

The new Slimline Minimiser Bra from Wacoal
14th April 2010
I actually thought Wacoal was an American lingerie company, and although it has offices in New York (and indeed Paris), its headquarters are found in Kyoto, Japan, where the brand was born. Fortunately you won't have to visit any of those fashion capitals to get your hands on some of the best bras money can buy - simply visit Figleaves instead. more

Are You Wearing The Right Size Bra?
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Measure Your Own Bra Size
Measuring yourself to make sure you know your correct bra size is easy. And wearing bras that fit you will make a world of difference to your appearance and comfort. So grab a tape measure and follow's simple guide to Buying The Right Size Bra.
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