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Backless bras are also called adhesive or invisible bras because they have no back strap and usually no shoulder straps.

Backless or adhesive bras are designed to be worn with backless and strapless evening dresses and tops. Made usually from silicone, they offer discreet support.

Reveal more with the body sculpting backless strapless bra from Fashion Forms
4th February 2013
Californian lingerie, bra and accessory company, Fashion Forms, have just the thing for when wearing a halter, straples or backless top or dress - the Body Sculpting Backless Strapless Bra. more

Wacoal Petite Bras - good things come in small packages
26th March 2012
If you want proof that good things come in small packages look no further than the new range of bras from Wacoal Petite. Body proportion, not height, determines how a bra sits on you and that’s the guiding principle behind this new range of bras that are available in sizes 32AA, 34AA, 36AA and 32A-36C. more

You shall go to the ball thanks to Ultimo's thong body
26th February 2009
The Miracle Thong Body by Ultimo means that you can wear that backless dress and look absolutely fantastic. For starters, it's completely seamless and designed to disappear under your clothes. more

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Measure Your Own Bra Size
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