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Problem one

Please help! I want to wear an impossibly skimpy little number but don't want my bra to be visible and going braless certainly isn't an option. What can I do?

Don't worry! There is a whole host of invaluable underwear products designed to give your figure that perfect silhouette without unsightly bra straps. There is now a huge range of adhesive bras, multiway straps, decorated bra straps, tit tape, magic cups, strap keepers, low-down straps, magic clips, clear bra straps, clear halter straps, fashion tape, petal tops, nipple covers, bling straps to name but a few.

Problem two

My bra is not quite as comfortable as it could be. How can I stop the straps digging into my shoulders.

Again, fear not. Comfort bra straps, cushioned shoulder savers and bra extenders may be the answer to your prayers.

Problem three

My boobs are lopsided. How can I look symmetrical?

If you are looking for a little extra padding, try silicone wedges or chicken fillets. Ideal for augmenting your boobs, they can give you an extra cup size boost.

The following are some of the accessory and solution brands available:


La Senza
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