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Virtually all bras are designed with support in mind. The whole idea of a bra is to offer shape and support for your breasts, but often women are looking for a particular type of support - hence their search for the perfect "support bra".

Women with larger breasts often require additional support from their bras and an increasing number of lingerie companies design larger size bras with additional support - three instead of two hooks at the back for example or built-in side support.

Pregnant and nursing mothers are often looking for more support from their bras because breasts grow during and after pregnancy. Again, specialist nursing and maternity support bras are available.

You may also require extra support from your bra if you partake in sporting activities and there is now a fantastic choice of sports bras for women of all sizes.
Are You Wearing The Right Size Bra?
Survey after survey reveals that up to 80% of women are not wearing bras that fit them properly. Here are the tell tale signs that will help you decide if you are wearing The Correct Bra Size For You

Measure Your Own Bra Size
Measuring yourself to make sure you know your correct bra size is easy. And wearing bras that fit you will make a world of difference to your appearance and comfort. So grab a tape measure and follow's simple guide to Buying The Right Size Bra.
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