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You want to wear an impossibly skimpy little number but you don't want your bra to be visible and going braless certainly isn't an option. What can you do? 

Help is at hand from industry experts and Haute Couture's best friend, Braza. 

Since the advent of the self-adhesive bra in 1984, Braza have come up with a whole host of other invaluable underwear products.

So if you are looking for bra accessories such as comfort bra straps, cushioned shoulder savers, decorated bra straps, tit tape, magic cups, strap keepers, low-down straps, magic clips, bra extenders, clear bra straps, clear halter straps, fashion tape, petal tops, nipple covers, bling straps, silicone wedges to name but a few, then look no further. 

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Tit Tape To Go

17th July 2010
Shove this in your handbag. A clever travel case containing 50 strips of Magic Fashion double-sided tit tape that sticks to you and your clothes, to prevent any embarrassing slippages.